Reading Goals for 2020


What are everyone’s reading goals for 2020? For me, studying English, I have a set reading list per term. While this is great, it means I’m catching up a lot and don’t get time to read other things, whether that be new releases or general book recommendations. Basically, I find myself reading a lot of very niche novels, like in my postcolonial literature module (which I LOVE by the way, there are some PC novel reviews pending!).

My new year aim is very simple: read more.

There are certain ways I can go about this. If you’re studying like me, a certain level of preparation can ensure you’ve done your reading list and can get on to other stuff… yeah, right, easier said than done! Try and catch up with your reading lists before term even starts, and change your mentality about reading lists: leisure, not work. To sum it up, here are a few of my aims:

Read at least 2 books a month
I know, this might not seem like a lot. However, if you’re a slow reader like me, it might be best to set your sights small and work up to it! It is arguably better to have an achievable aim that you can complete, perhaps even with ease, than to have an unachievable aim which inevitably leaves you a bit sad when you don’t get there.

Writea book review on every book I read
This one might be a complicated one, as I do read some pretty random books with my course! Although, I have been surprised at how good those books were, and it might be refreshing for you guys to be pointed to some very accomplished, yet less celebrated authors. Which brings me on to my next aim…

Diversify my reading
I have been wanting to be more diverse in the things I read. This has been massively helped by my University, but in my spare time I tend to read pretty famous novels. As a person of colour, I feel that I should be reading more diverse authors. I also want to be reading more genres, like:
– Non-fiction texts
– Political / Philosophical novels
– Magical Realism
– Crime novels
– Classics!

Another of my goals is to stop picking up random books from charity stores, and actually attempt to get through the unread ones that live on my desk! I hope to keep up with my aims, and I will keep updating this blog to ensure that I do. Thank you for reading, and let me know what your reading goals are!

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